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DocCare rolls out mobile document capture capability

For over forty years DocCare, a business process outsourcing company based in Tiel, The Netherlands, has been providing Transaction Document Processing, Document Archiving and Digital Mailroom services to its customers, primarily in the healthcare insurance and local municipality sectors.

On a daily basis DocCare’s 250 staff will typically process over 150,000 documents which, for their healthcare insurance customers, consists of insurance claim forms, medical information, billing documents and any other correspondence DocCare receives on behalf of its insurance provider customers.

Traditionally, all documents received by mail are prepared by the staff at Tiel and then captured by high-volume scanners to create digital images that are then processed by OCR and document classification software to extract pertinent business data from the documents. This data, plus the document images, are then sent on to DocCare’s healthcare insurance customer for downstream processing, for example Accounts Payable.